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Tooth Cavity Filling

Tooth Filling for Cavities and Fractured Teeth

Reduce the Risk of Tooth Loss, Protect Your Beautiful Smile

Timely tooth filling will help prevent further damage caused by spreading decay. It can also restore the structural strength and normal function of fractured teeth. Your dentist will consider the extent of damage and the location of the affected tooth to determine the right tooth filling material for you.

Are you experiencing any pain or sensitivity in your teeth? Does food frequently get stuck between certain teeth? Tooth decay spreads quickly and can cause serious oral health issues if left untreated. Schedule a checkup at Floss Family Dentistry to prevent further damage and tooth loss. We have helped hundreds of patients in the Morgan Hill area restore their smile and maintain good oral health with our bonded tooth-colored fillings.

Types of Tooth Fillings Offered by Your Dentist

At Floss Family Dentistry, we can help you decide the best material to fill your cavities. We also consider any allergies to certain materials. There are four types of cavity fillings dentists commonly use. Here is a brief overview for your understanding:

  • Composite fillings: These tooth-colored fillings look natural and can be completed in a single appointment, in most cases. However, they may not be appropriate for all teeth, such as molars, on which we bite down hard. Your dentist will explain your best options.
  • Porcelain fillings: The most common type of cavity fillings used by dentists, they are the same color as your teeth, can be used anywhere in your mouth and last a long time.
  • Amalgam fillings: Also, known as silver fillings, these are the least expensive. Made of a mix of metals such as mercury, silver, copper and tin, they are long lasting and easy to apply.
  • Gold fillings: Gold is stronger than an amalgam filling and lasts for years. However, it is also expensive.

With detailed checkups and timely treatments, you can reduce bacteria growth in your mouth and extend the life of your teeth.

Painless Tooth and Cavity Filling Treatments

Is sensitivity to pain preventing you from getting a tooth filling? At Floss Family Dentistry, we offer sedation (nitrous oxide) to put you at ease. Using the latest dental techniques and advanced equipment, our dedicated staff provides high quality dental care in a relaxed and friendly environment. From cavities and tooth decay to Invisalign® braces, cosmetic treatments, dentures and denture repair, we can take care of your entire family’s dental needs.

Floss Family Dentistry serves patients in the Morgan Hill area including Gilroy, San Martin, Hollister, Watsonville, Madrone, Prunedale and South San Jose, CA.

Call 408-778-3135 or send an email to frontdesk@flossfamilydentistry.com and book your tooth or cavity filling appointment.