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Mouth Guards

Sports Mouth Guards for All Ages

Custom-Fitted for Enhanced Protection and Comfort

Using mouth guards during sporting activities can help prevent tooth, mouth and jaw injuries in athletes and players of all ages. In certain types of sports, such as weightlifting, they can also help enhance performance. Aside from preventing painful injuries, investing in this protective oral appliance is also more cost-effective than paying for treatment. While there are many over-the-counter solutions available, custom-made dental mouth guards offer optimal protection and comfort.

Does your child play hockey, baseball or train in martial arts? Research shows that all sports—from football, rugby, hockey, boxing and martial arts to basketball, baseball, skateboarding, skiing and snowboarding—carry a high risk of orofacial injury. Schedule a consultation at Floss Family Dentistry to keep your child’s mouth and teeth safe. We have helped hundreds of children and adults in the Morgan Hill area improve performance and maintain a healthy smile with our high quality sports mouth guards.

How do Mouth Guards Work? 

Sports mouth guards are like the airbags in your car. They act as a shock absorber to protect the teeth and jaws from excessive force. While these oral appliances generally cover upper teeth, your dentist can make a mouth guard for the lower teeth as well, especially if you wear braces or another fixed dental appliance on the lower jaw.

Benefits of Sports Mouth Guards Made by Your Dentist 

Here are the key benefits of using a mouth guard specially designed by your dentist:

  • Helps absorb and diffuse the effect of a hit to your face which could cause injury to the jaw or mouth
  • Shields lips, tongue, cheeks and gums from laceration
  • Acts as a shock-absorber in the event of a blow to your lower jaw which may help to shield your brain from a concussion
  • Protects your jaw joints from dislocation
  • May help prevent jaw fracture by acting as a cushion between the top and bottom jaws
  • Enhances performance and confidence by improving focus and concentration, and consequently speeding up reaction time

At Floss Family Dentistry, our custom oral appliances are comfortable, durable and easy to clean. You can count on us to help you maintain good oral health.

Protect Your Beautiful Smile with Dental Mouth Guards

A dental injury, such as a missing front tooth or damage to the TMJ joint can have a lasting and significant impact on your teeth and overall health. Don’t let cost stop you from coming in for a consultation about sports mouth guards. At Floss Family Dentistry, we are participating providers for most insurance plans. We offer third-party financing options with low monthly payments to make dentistry more affordable.

From oral appliances and Invisalign® braces to cosmetic treatments, dentures and denture repair, we can take care of your family’s dental needs.

Our dedicated staff at Floss Family Dentistry serves patients in the Morgan Hill area including Gilroy, San Martin, Hollister, Watsonville, Madrone, Prunedale and South San Jose, CA.

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